Author: Jose Aguilar de JA MODULES S.L.

Change history for Contabe

VERSION 1.3.3 (04/10/2018)
* ADD: ps_versions_compliancy min: 1.6, max: _PS_VERSION_
* ADD: contact buttons and more information in the module configuration
* ADD: now it is possible to add accounting projects and display information by project
* FIX: change range dates format
* ADD: use select2 plugin in AdminController selectors
* FIX: default values in add items forms
* ADD: graph of best sales and best customers in Dashboard
* ADD: transfers issued, transfers received, entries and spends in a period now is show in each account
* ADD: attachment in expenses and entries
* ADD: File extensions for income and expense documents
* ADD: now it is possible edit an expense
* ADD: now it is possible edit an entry
* ADD: ajax to display customers by projects in add entry and suppliers by projects in add spend
* ADD: now the total amount of all the accounts is shown in accounts
* ADD: taxes, benefit and lost in each project
* ADD: when you add an expense or an income, the price with taxes is now automatically calculated
* FIX: when you add a price with decimals, now is considerate the point and the comma
* ADD: when you add a new transfer, the account selector the available amount of each account now appears
* ADD: now it is possible manage taxes
* ADD: contabe account date add and date update
* ADD: change author module
* ADD: translations in mx,ar,co,pe,ve
* FIX: setMedia new param in AdminControllers
* ADD: material icon in backoffice menu
* ADD: upgrade logo
* FIX: PrestaShop validator standards code structure
* ADD: configuration in tabs with available sections - PENDIENTE AÑADI ENLACES

VERSION 1.0.6 (21/11/2017)
* FIX: now it is possible to add a negative expense for accounts of the returns' purchases

VERSION 1.0.5 (31/08/2017)
* FIX: save all information when you create a supplier

VERSION 1.0.4 (06/02/2017)
* FIX: use hook ActionAdminCustomersControllerSaveAfter and remove overrides

VERSION 1.0.3 (26/01/2017)
* FIX: display a success/error message when the form are saved
* FIX: secure cast data

VERSION 1.0.1 (11/11/2016)
* FIX: in entries and expenses order by date by default

Version 1.0.0
Original release